About gBx Broker

gBx Broker is a small firm.

In fact it consists of me, Gerry Bendix. When you hire me, you get me working on your real estate goal. Period.

I provide focused, individual attention to my clients who want prompt pick-up-the-phone readiness for their needs, whether the job to be done is:

  • selling or buying a business.
  • selling or buying commercial real estate.
  • determining a realistic and fair selling price for a business.
  • managing commercial real estate for the owner.

I am professional in looking out for the interests of clients, and my clients are:

  • Small Business Owners in any industry who want to sell. Special interest in pharmacy owners and operators who wish to sell their retail drug store.
  • Commercial Real Estate Owners who want to sell. Special interest in property leased to federal, state, or local government entities.
  • Business Valuation Clients who want to know what their firm is worth. I prepare business valuations for owners who want a realistic price.
  • Prospective Buyers of small businesses.
  • Prospective Buyers of commercial real estate.

I am a good match for ethical people who have a realistic and sincere commitment to meeting a real estate goal.

Can we work together to get a real estate job done for you?

About Gerry Bendix

As the owner and broker of gBx Broker, I have extensive experience in the acquisition and sale of small and mid-sized firms. I am licensed as a real estate broker in both California and Oregon.

In addition to gBx Broker – Business & Commercial – Northern California, I owned, operated, and grew a manufacturing company with $37 million in annual wholesale and retail revenues and multi-million-dollar federal contracts. As a result, I have detailed, hands-on, and day-to-day knowledge of the multitude of areas involved in running a small to moderate-sized company, including leadership, finance, production, marketing, sales, contracting, and human resources.

I received a B.A. in Economics from Willamette University and a Masters in Science through the Sloan Program at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.