I represent buyers and sellers.

I can represent clients on either side of a brokerage transaction, and in many cases, I represent both. With this capability, I am able to negotiate deals between the parties and reduce potential personality conflicts and emotional issues. My clients are always treated with respect, confidentiality, and prompt attention.

I serve property owners.

Many times, commercial and residential property owners find it difficult to handle the daily tasks of property ownership and tenants. With my strong business management background, I am prepared to handle the details of property management so you don’t have to.

I provide business valuations.

When you’re considering the sale or purchase of a small business, a business valuation is in order. I will determine a fair price, based on current market factors, assets and liabilities, and estimated income-producing capabilities.

Brokerage Services That You Can Trust

My brokerage services cover both a generous and specialized spectrum. I can assist buyers, sellers, and property owners from many industries, but I specialize in small manufacturing firms, pharmacies, and commercial real estate leased to federal, state, or local government entities. In addition, I offer property management services on behalf of commercial and residential property owners. Regardless of which service you choose, you will receive personalized advice and support.

When I assist a client in the sale or purchase of a business, pharmacy, or commercial real estate, I employ a step-by-step approach, which includes the following:

  1. Establishing a range of market value.
  2. Developing an executive summary.
  3. Pre-arranging acquisition financing.
  4. Developing a confidential blind profile and summary.
  5. Researching and developing buyer targets.
  6. Confidentially marketing the business.
  7. Qualifying interested buyers.
  1. Submitting a business profile to buyers and intermediaries.
  2. Executing non-disclosures.
  3. Negotiating Letters of Intent.
  4. Coordinating due diligence.
  5. Advising on definitive agreement.
  6. Coordinating and facilitating the close of a transaction.